We have all Indian and Imported chemicals for maintenance of swimming pools. Some of these are:
     •  Chlorines
     •  Flocculators
     •  Anti-Algae Chemicals
     •  PH-Balancers
     •  And many more...
We have all types of accessories used for maintenance of swimming pool and designer options for pool sides. Some of these are:
     •  Algae Brush
     •  Overflow drain grating
     •  LED Lights
     •  Ladders
     •  Underwater Lights
     •  Suction Machines & Suction Heads
     •  Wall Brushes – Curved & Straight
     •  Leaf Net – Deep & Flat
     •  Telescopic/Extendable Rod
     •  Floating Hose Pipes
     •  Pool Side Furniture
We provide several options for a partial or a complete pool repair, renovation & makeovers of swimming pools. Some of the tasks can be explained as hereunder:
     •  Re-Waterproofing
     •  Grouting
     •  Servicing of Filtration Plant
     •  PVC Liners
     •  PipeLess Filters
     •  Replacement of Filtration Plant, Pumps, Skimmers, Valves, etc

A Beauty of the lawn and elementary for luxury; we create swimming pools of any size, any shape with a finish and technique, never seen before. We construct two types of Swimming Pools:

  • In-Ground Swimming Pool
  • Above-Ground Swimming Pool
Saving on our non-renewable resources, we have come up with an all new concept of solar heating system for the swimming pools and extending the swimming period in the year. The system is made in USA and has no maintenance cost, i.e. IT IS A ONE TIME INVESTMENT.
Water, an ancient healer of Greece for wellbeing, maintained here to its natural form by waterxperts.
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