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A Swimming Pool can be constructed by any local contractor or builder easily, but we are the specialists in doing so. He may construct it for you but he might not be aware of those small technicalities that will keep the water and the pool in a perfect healthy condition for the times coming ahead.

For Example:
When a person catches a disease, he has two ways of dealing with it:
  1. He may go to a physician, take the medicine and get well.
  2. He may go to a specialist, get the tests done, discuss the causes and future prospects of the disease and then take the treatment and precautions as prescribed.

The first way is easy, quick and cost effective; rather the second way is little difficult, time consuming and little expensive but the most effective.

Our team of architects, designers, technicians and supervisors enables us to undertake turnkey projects for swimming pool construction and for renovation of the existing swimming pools. We are a trusted organisation in this industry for constructing and maintaining the swimming pools since 1992, and we assure the quality as promised.


Delhi Swimming Pool Construction
, unlike it seems, is difficult and technical in its nature and requires high precisions and supervisions. The process that we follow for is:
  1. Designing and Budget Building for approvals
  2. Pre – Excavation and Post – Excavation activities on the site
  3. Laying the civil structure of swimming pool and surroundings
  4. Plumbing & Electrification
  5. Water Tightening of the entire structure and Plastering
  6. Installation of all essential equipments and machineries
  7. Tiling, Decoration and Fencing
  8. Filling the water
  9.And then the Post-Construction Services –Maintaining the Swimming Pool  
We are the only organisation for swimming pool construction Delhi NCR that does not run away after constructing the pool; we stay with the client after the construction, to maintain that pool and see him enjoying the same.

We have special offers for swimming pool construction delhi.

Swimming pool renovation can be of various types, depending on the pool condition and client's requirements. Some of the very popular ways of renovating the swimming pool are:
 1. Re-Tiling the entire or partial swimming pool.
 2. Re-Designing and Re-Tiling the pool side and deck place to give it a new look.
 3. Adding some new feature to the swimming pool like ladders, color illuminators, baby pool, etc.
 4. An idea of a waterfall or a fish pond along with the swimming pool.
 5. An over-bridge over the swimming pool, a floating dance floor, fountains, etc.
 6. And any creative idea that one can think of to give an existing swimming pool a new look or feel..makes the pool Re-Novated.
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